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June is Pride Month

Last year our OCSB Trustees passed a motion that a second flag pole would be installed at all of our schools to fly the Progress flag during the month of June, and fly the Board flag during the other 11 months of the school year.

Due to Covid and supply chain issues the contractor has not been able to get the required aluminum for the size of flag poles that we need, so most schools will not have the 2nd flag pole installed this year, but all schools are on the list to receive the installation.

An outdoor progress flag has been delivered to each of your schools. On the morning of June 1st our caretaker will raise the progress flag on the same flag pole below the Canadian flag. This is a one time decision to fly the progress flag on the same pole as the Canadian flag. The Canadian guidelines are that the Canadian flag should fly on its own, and that is why we have invested to purchase and install a 2nd flag pole. Our coterminous Board does fly both flags on the single pole as do many businesses in the city of Ottawa. It is a recommendation but not a requirement to have the Canadian flag flown on its own. After the month of June, the Board flag will be flown on the second flag pole.

Register for Kindergarten 2022-2023

Before you head into summer holiday mode, don't forget to encourage friends and family with Kindergarten aged children to register for Kindergarten. Registering prior to September helps us with our planning and staffing and allows us to send you important information in advance. However; with online registration now available, you can also register at any time. Please share this message with your neighbors and we look forward to welcoming our newest students to the OCSB!

June is National Indigenous History Month

June is National Indigenous History Month. It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture of Indigenous peoples. As we celebrate Indigenous history and diversity this month, we’re reminded of our commitment to honour and promote Indigenous people’s contributions, achievements and teachings all year long.

At the Ottawa Catholic School Board, we’re committed to providing every student meaningful opportunities to learn about Indigenous peoples and participate in Indigenous-centred activities.

Indigenous Languages are a critical aspect of Indigenous culture. To promote the preservation of Indigenous Languages around the globe, 2022 to 2032 has been proclaimed as the International Decade of Indigenous Languages by the United Nations General Assembly. You can learn more about the importance of Indigenous Languages in Canada in our National Indigenous Languages Day article.

Parish Annual Meeting - Thursday, June 2 at 7 p.m.

Quick reminder that the Parish Annual Meeting was rescheduled to Thursday, June 2nd at 7:00 pm via Zoom. Here are the particulars;

Topic: St. Andrew Parish Annual General Meeting

Time: Jun 2, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 833 0707 4878

Passcode: 903825

How to talk to your child in tough times

The world’s news has been difficult for adults to understand and even more challenging for parents and guardians to explain to children. The latest news regarding civil unrest in Ukraine makes the questions and the answers even more complex. Please read the latest Mental Health Minute by Dr. Richard Bolduc, OCSB Mental Health and Well-Being Lead, How to talk to your child in tough times.

Supporting ourselves and each other - Mental Health Workshops

Supporting ourselves and each other

With COVID-19 affecting every aspect of our lives, our OCSB Community is feeling the impact of the pandemic on their mental health. Small actions from recognizing stressors, to being there for a loved one can help support mental health and strengthen our communities during this difficult time. Join us January 27th for some wonderful sessions supporting our mental health and the mental health of our families.

For more information and to register:

What is motivation and why does it matter?

Motivation is the driving force behind our daily behaviours. Biological, emotional, social and cognitive processes all play a role. In this session we will explore what motivation is and where it comes from and how parents and caregivers can promote positive motivation throughout childhood and adolescence.

Mental Health Supports at the OCSB

Our OCSB Mental Health Lead, Chief Social Worker, and Chief Psychologist will present an overview of Mental Health services and supports offered this winter/spring. A focus on more recent initiatives used to improve student mental health and well-being in this time of return to virtual learning as well as eventual return to in person learning will be explored.

Supporting Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health

Join local Trainer / Parent Coach Joanne Boyd for a 1.5-hour workshop to explore the concept of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and its link to optimal brain development, attachment and resilience. We will discuss how to maximize everyday moments to support your child to thrive in their relationships, health and well-being and learning for life. Suitable for parents / caregivers of children aged 3 to 10 years.

Tech Overuse & Online Addictions

This presentation will address what tech overuse is, the various levels of tech overuse and how it is used to manage mental health symptoms of anxiety and depression. We will look at gaming, social media impacts as well as compulsive sexual behaviour that youth may be presenting. Different techniques to curb the behaviour are also going to be discussed.

Equity in Mental Health

Through the lens of Mental Health as well as Equity, various members of our Mental Health Workers (MHWs) team will present on services being offered at this time in our schools. A focus on re-engagement in the classroom for elementary students will also be explored by our new Culturally Sensitive Partner (CSP) who will discuss her role through equity. Finally, a panel discussion with Dr. Prince Ehoro our Equity Diversity and Inclusion Advisor and Dr. Richard Bolduc our Mental Health Lead will be open for the remainder of the presentation.

Self Isolation Infographic for all

Here is Ottawa Public Health's Infographic to help you determine if you and your family should self isolate and for how long.


Ottawa Public Health's vaccine website

Ottawa Public Health is holding Vaccine Clinics across the City all this week and wanted us to share this important information with you. The appointments are available to eligible Ottawa residents who require a first, second, or booster dose. For more booking information, please visit Ottawa Public Health’s vaccine website.

St. Monica Parish - Sacramental Preparation Program

Sept. 27, 2021

As the purpose of celebrating First Communion and Confirmation for school-age children is to allow them to participate more fully in the Sunday Eucharist, there is no urgency about having these celebrations while the children are unable to attend Mass during the Covid crisis. You may hear of some parishes doing so; you will find that, unlike us, these are dealing with very small groups of children.

While the ‘remote’ or school-based component of the preparation for these sacraments can continue as long as the elementary schools are operating, the ‘family and parish’ component depends upon the parents being able to bring the children to the church (or St. Joseph High School gym) regularly for Sunday Mass.

Therefore the Sacramental Preparation program will not begin until there are no restrictions on Mass attendance and St. Andrew Parish resumes Masses at St. Joseph High School. The process will begin with a parent meeting of one hour at St. Monica church hall, followed by registration and the distribution of materials. Since the meeting will not be optional, it will be repeated several times to better accommodate parent schedules.

The actual celebration of First Communion will take place over several Sundays, at different regular parish Masses, in small groups, and not by school. The candidates will be given a date for the celebration only after all requirements have been met. Whether this will be during the Easter season or the summer will depend on the timing of the end of the crisis.

The celebration of Confirmation has been held at the Cathedral on Sussex Drive on a weekday evening in the September following the school year of preparation. This has worked very well, and we hope to be able to do the same this time.

As always, if your circumstances make it too difficult to participate in the preparation this time, you are welcome to wait until next year. Grade Two is simply the minimum age for First Communion; the ‘typical’ age for Confirmation is set by the local Bishop and varies from age seven to fifteen. In Ottawa the typical age is eleven.

The dates of the parent meetings will be posted in our parish bulletin. If you wish to be sent a notice about the meeting, please reply to the Sacramental Coordinator, Milva Calla. She will send you information about registering as parishioners (if you have not done so already). When we have dates, she will invite you to attend the registration meeting. The registration must be in person, at the parent meeting.

May the Lord bless you and your family and keep you safe.

Welcome to our 2021-2022 Catholic School Council

I am pleased to introduce and welcome our new St. Emily Catholic School Council. This is a hard working and dedicated team and we are blessed to have them step forward on behalf of all of the parents in our community. We look forward to another awesome year together.

Please join me in welcoming:

St Emily Catholic School Council 2021-22

Kelly Fry


Janice Vanderwel

Vice - Chairperson

Emalie Ujjainwalla


Carolina Cieniak

Assistant Treasurer

Renee Cooper


Helen (Nicky) Svoboda Dorner

CSPA representative

Megan Pettit

Fundraising Chair

Selvan Assiskumar

Parish representative

Sarah Nazarenko

Lunch Program representative

Fidelia Addison

Member at large

Monica Jagdev

Member at large

Ana Bustamante

Member at large

Melissa Alexander

Member at Large


Teacher Representative

School Calendar

Register for Kindergarten 2022-2023

Before you head into summer holiday mode, don't forget to encourage friends and family with Kindergarten aged children to register for Kindergarten. Registering prior to September helps us with our planning and staffing and allows us to send you important information in advance. However; with online registration now available, you can also register at any time. Please share this message with your neighbors and we look forward to welcoming our newest students to the OCSB!