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The beginning of September/October is a busy time for collecting and passing on information. In past years, we have sent home paper copies of the Student Information Verification Sheet and the Technology Agreement (which allows students to access technology at school). The OCSB has moved these documents to an online format. Please access, fill out and submit these forms on the Parent Portal before September 26 (do not use the student portal).

For the Student Information Verification Form, please fill out ONLY the fields that have changes to be made, if there are no changes to be made, do not submit the form.

Here are some helpful links to help you fill out these forms:

OCSB Parent Portal Information link: Parent’s whose first language is not English can select a language in the top right corner. There are also support tips at the bottom of this webpage.

Logging into the Parent Portal (Video):

Accessing forms in the Parent Portal (Video):

Register for Kindergarten 2022-2023

Before you head into summer holiday mode, don't forget to encourage friends and family with Kindergarten aged children to register for Kindergarten. Registering prior to September helps us with our planning and staffing and allows us to send you important information in advance. However; with online registration now available, you can also register at any time. Please share this message with your neighbors and we look forward to welcoming our newest students to the OCSB!

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